Effects of Humic acid,Paclobutrazol and boron on growth of Tabernaemontana coronaria (Crape jasmine) plants.

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A pot experimental study was carried out during the two successive seasons of 2019/2020 and 2020/2021to evaluate the effect of paclobutrazol (PP333) at 0.0, 20 and, 40 ppm,Humic acid (H) at 0.0 and 2gl-1 and Boron(B) at 0.0, 2 and 4 mg/l  on growth of potted Tabernaemontana coronaria plants. The obtained data showed that: All PP333 and B concentrations decreased plant height, especially PP 333 at 40ppm in both seasons. On contrary, all applied treatments of PP 333 and B significantly increased the root size, root and leaves fresh weight to reach its maximum by using humia acid at 2gl-1 , boron at 2 mg/l and 40ppm pp333-sprayed plants in the two seasons. Furthermore, PP333 and B combined with H treatments significantly increased total chlorophylls contents as compared with un- sprayed plants in the two seasons.


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