Effect of Adding Pomegranate Peels and Seeds Powder on Quality Properties of Pan Bread

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1Food Technology Dept., Fac. Agric., Benha Univ., Egypt 2 Hero Nutrition Food Industries. Tersa, Kalyoubia., Egypt


The aim of this studytoevaluate the effect of fortified with different levels of pomegranate peel powder (PPP) and pomegranate seed powder (PSP) which having high nutritional value, as partially substitute for wheat flour on quality attributes ofpan bread. The results showed that the pan breadtreatments containing (2% peels+4% seeds) T1, (3% peels+6% seeds) T2, (4.5% peels+9% seeds) T3 and (6% peels+ 12% seeds)T4 had the highest protein, ether extract, fiber and ash content ondry weight compared by control sample (100% wheat flour) while available carbohydrate was decreased in pan bread treatments (T1:T4) compared to control sample. On the other hand, the addition of PPP and PSP at different levels to pan bread, waseffective in enhancing antioxidant activity, as evaluated by DPPH, which increased to 2.69±0.20, 3.29±0.13, 4.31±0.08 and 4.74±0.14 µ mol/g for T1, T2, T3, and T4, respectively, compared to control sample 2.23±0.14 µ mol/g. The sensory characteristics (appearance, crust color, crumb color, crumb distribution, taste, flavor and overall acceptability) of produced pan bread were evaluated. The results indicated that the sensory properties were decreased with substituted levels of PPP and PSP powder compared to control sample. Staling of produced pan bread was estimated at zero time and after storage periods (24, 48 and 72hrs.) and the results indicated that staling was increased as the pomegranate peel and seed addition level increased, it was decreased during storage period in all pan bread samples. The results showed that PPP and PSP fortified loaves were lower in loaf volume and higher in loaf weight compared with control sample, while the loaf volume of 18% PPP and PSP fortified bread was 341.67±17.64 (cm3)  control sample was 435.00±15.28 (cm3) with 21.4% reduction.The water absorption of wheat flour was gradually increasedwithincreasing the level of PPP powder while,dough development time (min) in samples with PPP and PSP lightly increase with increasing substitution level. Dough stability time was decreased from 10.10 min. for control sample to 4.90 min for 18% PPP and PSP, respectively. The degree of dough weakening increasedwith increasing of substitution level.


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