Comparative botanical studies on some lamiaceous plants in Egypt.

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Dept. of Agri. Bot., Faculty of Agri., Al-Azhar univ. , Cairo, Egypt.


This study is conducted on 8 genera belonging to Lamiaceae. The samples are collected from different areas in Egypt. The study is done on the morphological characters of roots, stems, leaves or leaflets, flowers, inflorescences and fruits. Also the anatomical characters of roots, stems and leaves are studied. The results are recorded in the form of comparison among the examined plants. Most of the examined plants are herbs as inMoluccellalaevis butVitexagnus – castusisshrub and Tectoniagrandisis tree. The aerial stems are present in all examined plants, while the rhizomatous subterranean stems are present in Menthapiprata. The anatomical study shows that theoutline shape of cross section is 4- angular in all stems of the examined plants except Teucriumpoliumis rounded


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