Effect of Some Heavy Metals Polluted on Fish Farmed Performance

Document Type : Original Article


1 Central Laboratory For Aquaculture Research, Agriculture Research Center

2 Animal Production institute , Agricuture Research Center


The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of heavy metals in hematological, serum biochemical parameters and chromosomal aberrations in Nile tilapia oreochromis niloticus. These study was performed on five groups of different sites: Group 1 agriculture wast water (G1), group 2 industrial wast water (G2), group 3 swage (G3), Group 4 underground water (G4), and group 5 as fresh water (control) (G5). The results showed that agriculture wast water (G1) is highly effect on serum biochemical analysis, criatenine (Cr) was 0.2 mg/L, alanine transferase (ALT) was 20 IU/L and asparatot amino transferase (AST) was 11.671 IU/L compared with a control group (G5). The gills histopathological alternation of the fish from (G2) industrial wast revealed a typical cellular structure as nuclear membrane denegation and of normal cytoplasmic mitochondria. Fishes samples from different sites showing different types of chromosomal aberrations including deletion (D), breaks (B), centric fusion(CF), gabs(G) and fermentation (F).

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