Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Mango Fruits

Document Type : Original Article


Agricultural and biosystems Engineering Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Benha University


The main aim of this work was to study the physical and chemical properties of mango fruits. The results indicated that, the major, intermediate and minor diameter of mango fruit (Zebda cultivar) values ranged from 9.14 to 11.19, 6.63 to 7.54 and 5.08 to 6.40 cm, respectively. The geometric mean diameter and arithmetic mean diameter of the mango fruits ranged from 6.62 to 7.58 and 6.94 to 8.07 cm, respectively. The surface area, volume and real density of mango fruits values ranged from 137.61 to 188.60 cm2, 368.33 to 586.00 cm3 and 899 to 923 kg m-3, respectively. The weight of pulp, peel and seed of mango fruit values ranged from 250.00 to 414.97, 44.34 to 61.00 and 39.44 to 50.45 g, respectively, for different sizes of mango fruits. The TSS of the mango fruits were ranged from 8.15 to 9.14 %. The total sugar, reducing and non-reducing sugars of the mango fruits were 7.18 to 7.73, 4.55 to 4.93 and 2.62 to 2.80 %, respectively, for all treatments. The chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and carotenoids of the mango fruits were 6.29 to 6.86, 3.76 to 3.85 and 2.99 to 3.02 %, respectively. The N, P and K content of the mango fruits were 1.167 to 1.200, 0.373 to 0.397 and 1.357 to 1.403% for categories A, B, C, D and E, respectively.


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