Effect of Different Irrigation Intervals and Foliar Spray with Some Anti-Transpiration on Growth and Productivity of Some Tomato Grown Under Saline Soil Conditions

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Two field experiments were carried out during the two successive summer seasons of 2017 and 2018 in a private sector farm at Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, to investigate the effect of four irrigation intervals (every 10days, 15ays, 20ays and 25days) and foliar spray with Kaolin 6% at 60 g/l and Glycine betaine   at 2 g/l on vegetative growth , chemical composition , fruit yield and quality of tomato cv. Super strain B under saline soil conditions. This study included 12 treatments which were resulted from thecombinations between four irrigation treatments (Irrigation every 10 days, 15 days, 20 days and 25 days and three foliar spray with Kaolin 6% at 60 g/l and Glycine betaine at 2 g/lin addition to control treatments (without spray). Results clearly showed that the highest values in all measured growth traits were recorded as a result of using irrigation every 10 days (2850 m3/fed) and spraying with kaolin at 60g/l.  moreover, the highest  values of the most fruit yield and its components (total yield kg/plant, total yield t/fed and marketable yield t/fed)  were recorded  as a result of  using irrigation every 10 days (2850 m3/ fed) followed by irrigation  every 15 and 20 days( 2550 and 2150 m3/fed, respectively) with   foliar spray with kaolin 6%  at 60g/L and gave the highest average fruit weight, length, diameter, fruit firmness, T.S.S., vitamin C and total acidity of produced fruit.


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