Bioassay of the Isolated Volatile Compounds from Mice Urine and Its Phagostimulant Effect.

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* Plant Protection Dept., Fac. of Agric., Moshtohor, Benha Univ.


This study was designed to identify the urinary volatile compounds present in urine of male and female mice Mus musculus in order to detect the most attracting compounds to both sexes to use these compounds as a sex attracting material to enhance the efficiency of rodent bait. The urine of adult male and female mice were collected and analyzed by GC-MS. The result of chemical analyze revealed presence of many volatile compounds in urine of both sexes. From the identified compounds Phenol, 3-ethyl, 1,8-Nonadien-3-ol, 5-Octadecenal, Octadecane, 5-methyl- and 4-ethyl phenol were detected in male urine and Phenol, 2-ethyl- (CAS), and Phenol, 3-ethyl- were detected in female urine. Synthetic compounds similar to identified ones were purchased, different concentrations (0.5, 1, 5, 10 and 100%) were prepared from each chemical compound and the respose of tested animals toward these compounds in different concentration were evaluated by using Y- maze apparatus. The number and duration of visits of animal toward chemicals were recorded. Obtained results showed that Phenol, 2-ethyl- (CAS), Phenol, 3-ethyl and 4-ethyl phenol are the most attracting chemical compound in males, while 4-ethyl phenol and 2-ethyl- (CAS), Phenol is the most effective one in females. Food consumption was affected in both sexes by mixing of the isolated compounds individually by concentration 1 and 5 % with animal diet, the highest food consumption in both sexes was scored by addition of 20% solution from 4-ethyl phenol 5%.  


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