Protective Effect of Moringa Oleifera Seeds Extract on Toxicity In Liver And Kidney Induced By Acetampride .

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Mammalian Toxic. Dept. cent. Agric. Pesticides Lab, Agric. Res. Cent. Ministry of agric. Egypt.


The present study aimed to distinguish light on the protective of Moringa oleifera seeds dried ethanolic extract on the toxicity in liver and kidney induced by acetamprid pesticide which widely produced and used for agricultural treatment in Egypt. Physico-chemical parameters and identification of fatty acid composition of  Moringa oleifera seeds oil were elvaluated. In addition , the biological effects of bioactive components of seeds dried extract at concentration 200 mg/kg b.w. oil as additives into the diets on kidney and liver functions , lipid profile ,serum glucose levels , hematological parameters and  histopatholgical examination of experimental rats were evaluated. From the obtained results , it could be noticed that the total phenolic acid , flavonoids and tannin contents in Moringa oleifera seeds of the dried  ethanolic extract were 44.25±1.13 , 114.36±0.72 and 20.77±1.10 ug/g , respectively. Total antioxidant capacity of dried ethanolic  extract of Moringa oleifera seeds was found to be 143.29±0.37 , 178.10±2.18 , 189.18±2.06 and 222.47±0.81 at 50 , 100 , 150 and 200 ug/ml . Also, the results showed that the Moringa oleifera (MO) seeds oil extract was dominated by the high percentage of total unsaturated fatty acid (80.29%) than its saturated (19.71%). On  the other hand , the results showed that there were significant increasment of biochemical parameters such as serum urea and creatinine (as function of kidney) , as well as  ALT and AST activity also albumin and total protein (as function of liver) , total cholesterol , triglyceride and serum glucose levels of the experimental rats. These values were found significantly decreased in all treatments rats fed diets containing MO seeds oils extract at dose of 200 mg /ml b.w. as compared with the group treated by acetampride (toxicated group).The results of the effects of MO seeds extract on hematological parameters of intoxicated rats caused significant decreasments in total white blood cells counts (WBCs) . While, MCV , MCH and  MCHC were  significantly unchanged relative to those of different from the control group but haemglobin (Hb) and red blood cells (RBCs) was increased.
Histopathological studies confirmed chemical analysis results. Finally, from the obtained results and histopathological examination , it could be concluded that the administration of MO seeds dried extract of ethanolic oils might improve the liver and kidney functions in the present experimental rats.

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