Potato Production under Different Soilless Systems

Document Type : Original Article


Agricultural and biosystems Engineering Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Benha University


The main aim of this research is to study the comparison between the aeroponic and substrate systems for potato production to reduce production costs and increasing the potato yield. To achieve that study, the effect of different soilless systems (aeroponic and substrate) on plant length, root length, number of leaves, stem diameter, leaf area, leaf length and potato yield. The obtained results refer to the highest value of plant height was 114.33 cm for aeroponic system and the highest value of number of leaves was 15.50 at aeroponic system.. The highest values of stem diameter, number of internode and number of branches were found T2 system. The highest value of leaf area and leaf length (491.26 cm2 and 32.57 cm) was found with aeroponic system (T2). The highest value of total fresh yield 2039.12 g plant-1 was observed with aeroponic system (T2), while the lowest value of total fresh yield (658.37 g plant-1) was found with substrate system (T3).


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