Effect of some irrigation and fertilization treatments on growth and productivity of winter tomato grown under low tunnils

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Two field experiments were carried out during the two successive seasons of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 at the Private Farm on Wade El-Moulak region, Ash sharqiyah Governorate, Egypt, to assess the effect of drip irrigation rates and organic and mineral nitrogen fertilizers as well as different interaction among them on growth, yield and chemical constituents of tomato plants hybrid GS12 F1. The drip irrigation treatments began of transplanting and were added in the morning at two times/week up to end of May month, thus number of irrigation to season was 52 ones. The amounts of water were added using water counter and pressure counter at 1 bar. The amounts of calculate water were added to different treatments, express through drippers (4 L/h) to give such amounts of water. Obtained results showed that the effect of fertilization treatments on vegetative growth character is tics of tomato plants.


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