Biological Nutrition of Tissue Cultured Barhi Date palm off shoots in Comparison with Chemical Nutrition

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Different biological nutrition types i.e. Spirulina platensis algae extract and biostimulant  EM1 in comparison with chemical nutrition NPK (Atanor fertile 19).These nutrition types   were  added with two methods of application i.e. spraying  on the leaves at the rate of 20 ml/L water, 25 ml/ L water, and 4gm/L water respectively or injected in the soil with duplicating  the concentrations (40, 50 ml/L water or 8 gm/L water respectively) of each  nutrition type on the Barhi offshoots which derived from two propagation sources (tissue culture & seed sources) were evaluated either alone or in combinations.  It is found that biostimulant EM1 as  nutrition type  surpassed others in increasing of leaf number, leaf length and shoot thickness parameters of Barhi offshoots. Also, Soil injection of different nutrition types  is preferred than spray application in improving leaf number, shoot length, shoot thickness parameters as well as increasing  leaf mineral contents & leaf pigments  of Barhi offshoots. Moreover,  using  different propagation sources (seed or tissue culture derived from Barhi offshoots) had no significant effect on  growth  parameters and leaf pigments as well as leaf mineral contents. Furthermore, the combined treatment of injection EM1 or Spirulina platensis algae extract in the soil of the seed propagated- offshoots induced  improvements in most growth parameters, chloropyll-b, beta carotene C ,and total carbohydrates % as well as some  leaf mineral content mainly N,K, Mg.


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