Modeling the Effect of Soil-Tool Interaction on Draft Force Using Visual Basic

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Demonstrator at faculty of Agriculture, benha University


In tillage systems, accurate predicting of the forces acting on the blade is of prime importance to enhance their productivity. The soil, tool, and operational parameters have been shown experimentally a great effect on draft of tillage tools. Several ways can be used to determine the performance of tillage tools. These are field experiments, soil bin experiments, mathematical models and numerical models. Although experimental studies provide valuable information, they are expensive, time-consuming, and limited to certain cutting speeds and depths. On the other hand, the developments of mathematical models and numerical methods have shown great potential in analyzing the factors affecting soil-tool interaction. Under this study, Sohne's mathematical model was selected, simulated using Visual Basic and validated. Results indicated model was able to predict draft for simple tillage tools with an accuracy of 86% 95%, and 85% for rake angle, tool depth, and tool speed, respectively.


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