Studies on the inheritance of some characters in pumpkins (Cucurbita moschata Poir. ).

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These experiments were carried out at El-Kanater El-Khyreia, Horticulture Research Station of Hort. Res. Institute, during three successive summer seasons of 2012, 2013 and 2014. Two pumpkins, Cucurbita moschata Poir.  viz., White Libi and Balady were used in studying the inheritance of average fruit weight, fruit shape index, flesh thickness, total carbohydrates, total soluble solids (TSS) and β carotene contents. In 2012 the two parents were planted in the field during summer season to produced the   seeds. In summer season of 2013 the  plants were selfed to produce the require  seeds. In the third season, the four populations, i.e., ,  ,  and  , were evaluated   . The estimated heritability values were 74.8% for average fruit weight, 82.5% for fruit shape index, 69.4% for flesh thickness, 76.3% for total carbohydrates, 66.6% for total soluble solids and 63.4% for β carotene content. Data obtained indicated that all characters are controlled by 2 – 5 pairs of gene. Complete dominance for high parent was found in total carbohydrates and complete dominance for the low parent was found in fruit shape index. Partial dominance for the high parent was found in average fruit weight, flesh thickness and β carotene content. Incomplete dominance was found in total soluble solids (TSS). Obtained high broad sense heritability for all studied attributes, lead to suggest that considerable improvement through breeding and selection could be achieved.
In conclusion, these results demonstrate the possibility of improving the breed specifications cultivar Balady by hybridization with cultivar white Libi leading to improved fruiting specifications for this product.


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