Effect of magnetic water on yield and fruit quality of some mandarin varieties.

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The present study was carried out during the two successive seasons 2013 and 2014 on 5 years old two mandarin varieties namely Balady and Fremont (Citrus reticulateBlanco) to elucidate the effect of magnetic water treatments on yield and fruit quality. The results indicated that irrigating the trees of the two mandarin varieties with magnetic water had significantly increased yield (kg/tree) in comparison to that of control. Maximum yield (Kg/trees) was obtained from mandarin varieties were irrigated all over the growth seasons with magnetic water. In this regard Balady mandarin variety which was superior to those of Fremont one compared with control. The physical and chemical fruit characteristics of the two tested mandarin varieties were significantly improved in response to irrigation with saline water treated with magnetic in comparison to control that was irrigated with saline water too. More studies are needed to declare the influence of magnetic water on the growth, yield and fruit quality of different citrus varieties.


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