Some Properties of Compressed Rice Straw

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Rice straw was investigated as a raw material for manufacturing a composite for using as a building material. Commercial urea formaldehyde "UF" adhesive was used as a binder in manufacturing process. Different formation pressures "FP" of (5.7, 12.4 and 18.5 MPa) and different percentages of urea formaldehyde "UF" of (20-40 %) were used in the manufacturing products. Some properties of water absorption percentage "WA" (%), thickness swelling "TS" (mm) and Acoustic insulation percentage "AI" (%) were measured and analyzed for the produced composite. The properties of the produced composite were dependent on formation pressures "FP" (MPa) and binding materials percentages "UF" (%). The results show that the lowest values of "WA" and "TS" were 110.6 (%) and 4.85 (mm) at "FP" of 18.51 (MPa) and "UF" of 4o (%) after immersion time of 5 min., respectively while the highest value of "AI” was 9.66 (%) at "FP" of 5.68 (MPa) and "UF" of 20 (%). Three prediction equations were developed for the previous properties respectively.     


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