Garbage recycling in Qaluobeia Economics

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Considered garbage gathering of the most important environmental problems of the phenomenon and needs to get rid of them for concerted various efforts of individuals, government agencies and NGOs to overcome this phenomenon so as to achieve economic benefit from the garbage to increase the national income and raise environmental and health standards, as we find that the garbage has become a common phenomenon in our streets and we are used to seeing it every day and become a big burden on the people they spread disease and epidemics and pollution sights bad with its look, and is no doubt that the proper disposal and safe from trash his economic and environmental significant impact, Besides the physical yield which can be obtained from recycling trash, the environmental yield and Social much higher , This is the reduction of environmental pollution instead of burial and burning of garbage, preservation of natural materials, reduce dependence on import of raw materials, create new jobs, provide energy alternatives.
The problem of the study
     The increase in the accumulation of garbage from the most serious environmental problems facing the sustainable development plans, where trash quantity in Egypt is estimated at about 20.17 million tonnes per year, according to estimates in 2012, generated by the governorates of Greater Cairo (Cairo, Giza, Qaliubiya) 9.5 million tons per year, where representing 47.1% of total annual generated from garbage, as the average efficiency of collection and transport in rural areas to less than 30%, which constitutes a danger to public health and the surrounding environment in the event of failure to deal with the waste in the framework of integrated treatment of garbage system, The problem of the study basic that despite the availability of advanced technology at the moment but it is not used garbage optimal use of mind of inputs for other economic operations, where the importance of benefiting from the garbage through the establishment of garbage recycling projects, with a view to the production of other high economic value materials, and reduce the damage resulting there from  .

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