Trials on Acclimatization of Tissue Culture Derived Date Palm Plants (Phoenix dactylifera L).

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Different light intensities i.e.1000,2000 and 3000 lux ; agricultural media i.e. vermiculite , sand , and peat moss ; pot sizes i.e. small &large as well as pot opening types i.e. Basal and longitudinal were trials applied to enhance acclimatization and production of healthy & vigorous plants of Barhi cv. date palm plantlets. Results indcate that using light intensity at 2000 lux improved most parameters under investigation. Also, most  of combined treatments of agricultural media were superior in enhancing excellent results for most acclimatization parameters of Barhi palm. Moreover, using combination of either Basal or longitudinal pot opening types with small pot size during acclimatization stage of Barhi date palm improved most parameters under study.


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